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Investors Need Objective Verification Of Alignment With
Best Practices When Investing & Planning.

Traditional Advisors Fall Short In Multiple Ways.

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Alignment with Client's Needs
  • Client Control and Empowerment
  • Access To Real-Time Information and Performance Monitoring
  • Analysis Grounded In Proven Optimal Process 
  • Highest Ranked Online Discount Broker
  • Use The Best Independent Research
  • Use Economics Based Planning For Security And Accuracy
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The best practices of the most successful investors—with winning track records that span decades—can be clearly defined and simply measured in real time. This transformation improves accountability, transparency and performance. Higher standards are harder to achieve and so are rarely offered to investors.  

After nearly forty years as an analyst, trader, and investor, Chris Belchamber reveals the most common pitfalls, barriers, habits, and beliefs that can send investors in the wrong direction, with sometimes devastating consequences.

Invest Like The Best

Learn how to recognize and avoid these issues in your own investing as you discover more than twenty best investor Insights” and find the real relationship between risk and return.

Become your own advocate through understanding best practice. Get your own Best Investor score. Your own Financial Planning quality score.

Transform your own results and experience as you learn from the greatest minds of investing and planning history.  More about Chris Belchamber...


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"Best Investor" Standards provide a framework for the optimal investment objective of "Capital Preservation And Compounding", the low risk road to high returns, which can be measured in real time.

This is delivered with continuous strategy updates, an open track record and a comprehensive process. You will be empowered by knowing how and why you have a repeatable long term advantage that you can track in real time. Combined with the most advanced and secure financial planning tools this can help you plan with confidence and enjoy a comfortable life during retirement years.  



Investment Management

  • Comprehensive Discretionary Investment Management
  • Investment management of non-transferable Held Away Accounts, 401k, 403b, etc. through Pontera.
  • Unique full accountability and transparency to 5 investment metrics and an objectively verifiable "Best Investor"metric.
  • Strategy, Cycle and Allocation Updates
  • Options Trading

Financial Planning

  • Unique economic based Financial Planning.
  • Simpler more factual basis, more accurate calculations, and sounder conclusions. 
  • Solves for maximum sustainable spending over your life.
  • Optimizes for savings, life insurance, social security and retirement accounts.
  • Calculates what-if enquiries for different investment strategies and spending behavior.

Education & Training

  • Live Speaking Events
  • Webinars with Q&A Sessions
  • Investor Development Interactive Sessions
  • Weekly “Best investor” insights Emails
  • Book: "Invest like the best.
  • Substitute "passive investing" with "Pure quant" portfolio allocation and optimization
  • Research consultation.


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How to Make Best Investor Standards Empower You and Transform Your Investment Experience

“Investing like the best can lower your stress and risk levels while bringing you higher, long-term returns. It can provide a stable platform for planning and give you more financial security now and for the rest of your life.”

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Get Your Risk and Return Outlook

Looking at just short term returns tells you very little. Once you understand the performance grid, you can make a better assessment. Then you are on a better path.

Schedule a FREE consultation with Chris Belchamber to find out where your asset management falls on the risk-return grid and how you can move towards Best Investing standards.

During our first session, we cover the following...

  • Complete Portfolio Review
  • Investment Assessment and Objectives Review

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